B. Leigh Creations is a start up business that is all about providing custom and unique designs for all of those special moments in life.

We provide both physical and digital baby shower invitations and game printouts, birthday invitations, wedding invitations, bridesmaid proposal pieces, etc.

All designs offered for sale are designed by employees of B. Leigh Creations. Currently, all printing is done by an external US company.

Meet The Owner & Hear How We Got Started

B. Leigh Creations was started by Brittney Harty in 2016 as a freelance project. Brittney Harty is the main designer of B. Leigh Creations.

She started by creating her logo and coming up with the name in 2013 during a college class and then began this website in 2014 as part of another one of her classes. With some work and long nights, she has turned a previous freelance project into a potential long-term business. Brittney Harty is a professional graphic designer and has her BA in Business with a focus in Marketing. Designing is her passion and she loves the fact that she has been able to make a career out of it!