Introducing B. Leigh Creations

Hello 🙂 My name is Brittney Harty. I’m the owner of B. Leigh Creations and I design, print and assemble event stationery and accessories. …

Well, that was a boring intro. Let’s try again.

Have you ever encountered that moment when you experience a situation or partake in a conversation that leads to thoughts of taking action, but taking action would quite literally change your day to day life completely? I have, and it’s how I arrived at opening my own Etsy shop.

In 2015, while planning my wedding I encountered a situation where the invitation designed by a professional were not quite what I was looking for. My husband and I were planning a masquerade themed event on Halloween and the initial invitation design just didn’t quite fit the vision I had for my wedding. Our colors were Plum, Lavender, Silver, White and Black. I envisioned a lighter invitation design with some kind of masquerade mask detailing. The professional is my aunt, and when I explained that it wasn’t quite what I was looking for and asked if I could try to design my own and would she just print them, she was kind enough to understand and print them for me. (She had shimmer paper and a high quality printer I couldn’t access anywhere else at the time)

It was through the process of designing my own invitation set that I realized I wanted to do that forever. I also realized how much I loved planning my entire wedding with my mom. It was through these two realizations that a plan started to form. I didn’t allow myself to think too hard on the puzzle that was beginning to come together until our wedding day was done and we were married.

Shortly after getting married, I got pregnant with our second daughter and everything halted. How do you even think about starting a large endeavor when you’re about to add a second child into the mix? So I waited again and put it out of my mind.

However, in the beginning of 2017 all of the pieces of the puzzle came together and I realized what I want to do with my life. In addition to having a healthy and happy family, I want to have my own business that surrounds all the details that go into hosting a successful event. This would include the stationery of course, but it would also include the centerpieces, florals, lighting, food, drinks, etc. A one stop shop for your event, whether personal or corporate.

That is the dream and that is what carries me through the long nights. Etsy has allowed me to begin my journey by building a solid stationery foundation. Once I’ve begun making a decent amount of profit from my stationery, I will begin looking at expanding into event planning and partnering up with a couple of professionals in the fields of florals, food and drinks.

The final goal will be to build my own spectacular event location that would have a lovely mix of ballrooms for inside events like dinners and weddings, smaller rooms for more intimate get togethers like bridal showers and baby showers, conference rooms for corporate/professional events as well as nice outdoor areas that will nicely satisfy anyone looking to have an event outside.

I sincerely hope you will follow my story as I try and make all my dreams come true 🙂

Want to see what kind of stationery I’m already designing for events? Check out my Etsy shop:

Need a sneak peak to help you decide whether to click the link above? I don’t blame you, I would too! Click through the images below.

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